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I went I think 5-6 rounds of clomid with IUI with many many follicles each time,.

Hi Friends, I am little confused and need your suggestions.I had IUI with clomid this month and I am in 2WW.Our problem is low Morphology,if this month if I get.Fertility discussion about Welcome to the continued 2ww after iui page.That Rotten Two Week Wait. Rambling. this is my 3rd cycle of IUI with clomid.

For those of you who got pregnant with IUI, what cycle was

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My husband and i are currently undergoing fertility treatments.

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My experience with Clomid, Femara, Gonal F, Ovidrel, Novarel - IUI Medication Review - Duration: 14:50.IUI buddies July 12th I wanted to see if anyone is having an IUI this month to buddy up for the 2ww.

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Yes, if Clomid thickens the cervical mucus, it makes it more difficult for sperm to swim and enter the uterus.

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IUI with injectables Just went to IUI orientation and the gyno wants me to do the IUI with injectables.

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Unfortunately comparing clomid IUI to IVF should not be the.

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While in the two week wait (2ww) you may want to keep busy and stop obsessing.

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